July Box


It is July already! We have an amazing box bursting full of great products for you this month, have a read about it all below -


Sorrel plant – Grow indoors or out for your own supply of fresh Sorrel. Your Sorrel Plant has been grown with love and care by Norfolk Herbs.

Cut sorrel leaves - Try one of the recipes included in your Box, experiment with something different or simply mix into a leaf salad for a sharp, citrussy flavour. Grown by Herbs Unlimited, experts in growing and harvesting cut British herbs.

British Herb Kitchen Tomato and Lovage Passata – Our favourite British Herb Kitchen discovery, if you thought Tomatoes and Basil went well together, you will be blown away by this combination of British-grown Tomatoes and Lovage. Irresistible.

Mixed lettuce seeds – Something simple from Johnsons to get you started if you’re new to growing. Turn your box into a seed tray as directed on the Box, and sow according to the seed packet instructions. Master this one and you’ll be ready for some of the more unusual leaves and herbs in the upcoming boxes.

Hillfarm extra virgin cold-pressed rapeseed oil – Rich in Omega 3, less than half the
saturated fat of olive oil, Hillfarm’s golden, nutty, super-healthy rapeseed oil is great with Summer salads, in sauces and pestos as well as for roasting, frying and baking.

Hodmedod’s Whole Blue Peas – multiple award winners Hodmedod’s specialise in British grown pulses, peas, beans and grains. British Herb Kitchen’s first offering from Hodmedod’s is their Whole Blue Peas. Treat it like a chick pea, it’s a firm and tasty pea with plenty of bite. It has so many culinary possibilities and is superb in spicy dishes.

Flower & White Lemon Meringues – Flower & White’s award-winning and super indulgent
Swiss meringue is a delight with whipped lemon balm cream (finely chopped lemon balm in whipped cream) or with soft fruits in an Eton Mess.

Simply Seeds Roasted Pumpkin seeds – these moreish seeds from Simply Seeds will go very well with your Summer G&T, Pimms or chilled sparkling wine.

Menu suggestions

Pour yourself a glass of something cold and nibble on the Roasted Pumpkin Seeds.

Cook up a simple pasta and mix with British Herb Kitchen Tomato and Lovage Passata.

Make a Sorrel pesto with the Hillfarm Rapeseed Oil and stir a generous dollop into cooked Whole Blue Peas, as a main or as a side dish.

Serve Flower & White meringues with a bowl of strawberries steeped in shredded sorrel and balsamic vinegar and some whipped cream.

Chris White