October Box


October 2018 Box Contents

Chervil plant – An attractive, ferny herb, it will last for 2 years and produce leaves well into the Autumn if the frosts aren’t too heavy. It’ll return in the Spring. Plant in semi-shade and keep using the fresh leaves in Spring and Summer to encourage growth.

Chervil leaves – With a light anise flavour, Chervil is a must-have in the herb garden. It goes well with fish (as you know if you tried last month’s Chervil and Mint Paint), is perfect in an omelette, makes a delicious salsa verde and is a great addition to a salad. And take a look at this month’s recipe cards for more inspiration.

Seeds: Jekka’s Herbs Wild Rocket – Wild rocket can be sown outdoors even in October. Or grow them in your seed tray for an Autumn supply of baby leaves.

British Herb Kitchen Dill, Anchovy and Chilli Paint – The second in our range of BHK ‘Paints’, this one mixes the unique flavour of Dill with the warm, salty umami of anchovy and a little heat from chilli. Simply stir through cooked Red Fox Carlin Peas with a little oil and seasoning, for a Halloween Bean feast. Also excellent with salmon, roast cauli, lamb and more.

British Herb Kitchen Lovage Salt – made with our own dried Lovage and our friend Jethro’s wonderful Dorset Sea Salt. Sprinkle on your fresh tomatoes. Use in casseroles and soups to add depth.

Hodemedod’s Red Fox Carlin Peas – another of Hodmedod’s excellent British-grown pulses. Use as a salad or a side with our Dill Paint, ring the changes with the hummus recipe from August or look out for Bonfire Night baked bean recipe.

Mara Seaweed, Kombu – one of the range of delicious seaweeds harvested from British shores by Scotland-based Mara. Makes a lovely addition to rice or grains but we are suggesting you add it to……………………

Oxfordshire Flour Mix (150g wholemeal self-raising, 150g plain) – to make an easy-peasy, irresistible Seaweed Soda Bread **See recipe below.

British Herb Kitchen Fennel and Dorset sea salt fudge –soft, crumbly, herby, salty, sweet. Another piece?


Menu suggestions

** This Seaweed Soda Bread recipe will have a fresh, hot-from-the-oven loaf in front of you in 35-40 minutes.


Heat the oven to 200C. Tip the pack of mixed flour into a large bowl with ¾ tsp soft brown sugar, ¾ tsp sea salt, ¾ tsp bicarb. Make a well in the centre of the flour and tip in a mix of 180ml natural yoghurt and 90ml whole milk. Combine to a soft, sticky ball. Make into a round loafy shape on a floured surface. Cut a deep cross on the top with a serrated knife and cook for around 35 minutes until the base sounds hollow when tapped.


Eat fresh with

-   Baby broad bean and chervil salad (see recipe card)

-   Red Fox Peas, cooked in accordance with instructions, stirred through with Dill, Anchovy and Chilli Paint

Or just with lashings of butter or your home-made hummus.


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Verity Russ